Requestbox Update August 2018

We are currently preparing for the next release of Requestbox on Monday 6th August.

Major Changes:

  • I1168, 1169, 1170, 1184, 1193, 1224, 1225, 1237, 1238, 1240, 1241, 1242, 1243, 1256, 1259, 1271 – Reporting – “Current User” field added to display who is running the report, fixed issues when uploading an RTF file, when creating a new report the default page size is now A4, fixed bug where no fields appeared in field list when creating new report, added support for data store drop down list values in reports, fixed buffer error on reports with sub-reports, loading performance adjustments, bugs when saving reports, save and exit wasn’t working, request type report not showing filtered types, Linked Request ID was showing the unique database ID rather than the request ID, filters weren’t saving, Sub reports weren’t loading any records, filter on parent report not being applied to subreport, pivot grid report was showing report owner’s name in the preview but not on the actual report, reports are copied from template Requestboxes
  • I1200 – Linked Request Drop Down List – There is now an option when a linked request drop-down is disabled it can be displayed as a link that when clicked navigates to the linked request
  • I1204, 1246, 1249, 1359 – Landing Page – Updated sitemap and compressed images to improve loading times, spelling mistake on contact section, fixed minor issue with a field field, added navigation buttons on all pages and the “Find Out More” button scrolls rather than jumps
  • I1223 – Converting Controls – Some controls can now be converted to different types of controls without deleting the field if the wrong one has originally been selected
  • I1327 – Campaign linked requests access – Able to manage the status of a campaign and enable it to be locked so that no more requests can be added to it, even with active requests still attached to it

Minor Changes:

  • I793 – Timeout issues when using a pivot grid to create a request type report
  • I858 – Insert and update import now working as intended, was just inserting rather than updating
  • I888 – Can now run reports from individual requests rather than just on the grid
  • I895 – Fixed bug where user was unable to create new report or edit existing reports
  • I1008 – Fixed minor bug when creating a new grid
  • I1012 – Fixed error when trying to change or delete an action button on status page
  • I1049 – Vulnerability scanning errors are now fixed and handled
  • I1074, 1196 – Information wasn’t saving when adding existing user to an instance through all the instances list, had to previously create a new user to ensure it saved
  • I1145 – Adjusted wording on Rules page
  • I1166 – Can now select values that are shown in drop down lists
  • I1167 – Fixed bug where a repeater was overwriting a different repeater
  • I1176 – A few alignment and grammar changes to the event log
  • I1179 – Fixed overlap bug when showing status diagram
  • I1180 – Fixed client side error on rules page
  • I1190 – Fixed small bug with date filters on grids where clicking the filter only worked on the first date filter
  • I1192 – Fixed error on data store filter on grid pages
  • I1195 – Adjusted wording on password reset email and on login page
  • I1198 – Fixed minor bug where ‘;’ was being displayed on pages underneath menus
  • I1201 – Fixed bug where an error message was showing when trying to add a shared field
  • I1203 – When using delayed request load, the tab titles weren’t displayed in the tabs
  • I1208 – When a request is saved using the side bar action button, save any comments which are being edited
  • I1209 – Error when adding an email with hypens (-) after the @
  • I1213 – Bug where there was no input for a number picker in a repeater
  • I1217 – Bug with complex filter that showed no results in the drop down selection
  • I1218 – Editing user fields then cancelling was causing an error
  • I1220 – Improved access control, when a user doesn’t belong to a Requestbox instance and they lock their account this no longer causes and an error when trying to unlock
  • I1222 – Now have the ability to move shared fields from one shared field set to another
  • I1226, 1228 – Adjusted the layout of the event log, improved browser and platform recognition
  • I1229 – Improved information displayed in a data restore
  • I1230 – Fixed error when deleting a status
  • I1231 – Fixed bug when selecting ‘New User’ from the user drop down list the value in the drop down briefly showed a GUID of all zeros
  • I1232 – Adjustments made to the alignment and layout of the ‘Manage Users’ page
  • I1234 – When a user tries to access a file they now receive an access denied message, rather than an unexpected error message
  • I1244 – “Only show selected teams” checkbox added and default to checked on Manage Requestbox page
  • I1247 – Email rules will no longer apply to deleted requests
  • I1248 – Complex filter access has been limited for admin users
  • I1251 – Fixed error “Object not set to an instance of an object”
  • I1258 – Made changes to new user emails in the preview system, they no longer just confirm the email address but also send a password
  • I1261 – Allow ‘Is Required’ rules to be created for the linked request drop-down
  • I1262 – Field in a scheduled e-mail for an instance was showing as numbers rather than letters
  • I1264 – Number of users has now been changed to number of active users and no longer counts accounts that have been disabled, this is to stop instances from hitting their user limit if they have a large quantity of disabled accounts
  • I1265 – When creating a new Requestbox hide the open registration checkbox, open registration can be added when an instance has been created
  • I1266 – Upload control was getting an error but the page wasn’t focusing on the error
  • I1267 – If uploading a list and using it as a drop down in the form builder, you can now order it alphabetically if it was out of order in the first place
  • I1268 – Adjusted action buttons to remove extra spacing below the button
  • I1269 – Fixed minor bug with text boxes when creating a new Requestbox instance
  • I1270 – Delay request loading on request page
  • I1272 – Menu sizes now readjust when changing the size of the browser window (for example half screen)
  • I1273 – After creating the very first status in a Requestbox the ‘Action button’ and ‘Diagram’ tabs aren’t enabled until the page is refreshed
  • I1300 – Client side error
  • I1301 – Scheduled import default hour now set to 0 instead of 24
  • I1302 – Form layout doesn’t fit size to fit side bar. Works in Edge but not in Chrome or Firefox
  • I1303 – Fixed minor error with email addresses that contain ‘
  • I1311 – Upload grid footer not displayed correctly
  • I1312 – Bug where uploading a large file or an additional file would make the grid jump to page 2
  • I1315 – Added 3 options to import; FTP, FTPS, SFTP
  • I1316 – It is not possible to type in the new password or re-type password text boxes in Internet Explorer
  • I1317 – User managed to upload 2 files with the same name. Found when testing was the bug that if uploading a file and clicking cancel during the upload then try and upload a file with the same name, a message pops up saying that the file already exists
  • I1319 – FTP import settings have now been changed so that the password is hidden when being entered
  • I1320 – When saving a user record the time displayed is an hour out after hour time change
  • I1325 – When deleting a shared field a pop up now appears to help identify if it is safe to delete
  • I1328 – When creating a new status allow a select/unselect all option for “Enable this status in the following request types”
  • I1329 – Improving action button request type filter on status page
  • I1339 – Paging on comments control not working on certain instances
  • I1342 – Error during scheduled data store import
  • I1344 – Added CC and BCC to e-mail log
  • I1345 – Added an upload changed rule to the e-mail rules function that now allows this
  • I1346 – Added option to be notified with a summary when an import has completed (number of records created, updated, deleted, time taken, file name processed, time start/end, etc.)
  • I1347 – Data store drop-down filter wasn’t being applied to fields which aren’t visible
  • I1350 – Upload controls in repeaters had “Ignore panels disabled rules” but they were still being disabled
  • I1352 – Now including the file name in the import history, this makes sure the correct file is being imported
  • I1365 – First name, last name, e-mail address, time zone and culture from the “My Profile” page can now be used in update rules or used as default values
  • I1366 – Minor alignment adjustment of check boxes on rules page
  • I1367 – Values can now be set when opening a new request rather than upon saving
  • I1372 – Save changes reminder when navigating away from the page after making unsaved changes to Action Buttons
  • I1373 – On the Teams page there is now a check box that displays disabled users
  • I1374 – Added a select/unselect all option to the “Has team access” check box list
  • I1376 – Added padding between Team and All request access columns on Authorisation tab
  • I1378 – Is now possible to get a field inside a repeater to be hidden/shown based on the value of a field in the same repeated item
  • I1412 – Error when typing in a grid filter

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