New Requestbox Update – 13th November

We are currently preparing for the next release of Requestbox on Monday 13th November from 10-12 [UTC]. Please be aware that Requestbox will be unavailable during the update. If you wish to try the new features in advance, please log on to our preview system (

Major Changes:

  • I986, 988, 989 – Reporting – Filtering/ordering request control data, large data sources no longer cause an out of memory error, report timeout increased
  • I1001, 1038, 1044, 1046, 1058, 1067, 1068, 1088, 1106 – Landing Page – Moved the “Coming Soon” items to the end of each section, iframe resize solution when viewing sways on a mobile device, changed some wording, fixed alignment on FAQ page, added “How much does Requestbox cost?” to FAQ page, added “Budget”, “Number of users”, “Product” drop down and “Business name” to contact form, added phone number and email below contact form, added Lead Management page, added blog link in menu list, menu item drop downs weren’t working in IE, product drop down styled to fit the contact form, changed wording to “Request Management Platform”, updated meta descriptions, added “How do I become a Requestbox partner or reseller?” on FAQ page, added “Not Listed” to product drop down, added Bespoke page, client side error when zooming in and out on a page in IE, logging style changed, rewording at the bottom of the contact form, added “Compliance/Document Management” and “Physical Document Archiving” to ‘Product’ drop down on contact form, “or” is now lower case at the bottom of the contact form
  • I1018, 1020, 1021, 1027, 1029, 1117 – Open Registration – Open registration initial implementation, cancel button added to return to login, improved wording and punctuation, improved wording of confirmation email, fixed email and account bug, added captcha control when creating an account, changed message when a user already has an account with Requestbox
  • I1034, 1053, 1054, 1055 – Action Buttons – Action buttons now have their own tab on the status page, the apply button is disabled (greyed) until the filter has been changed, fixed error when hiding a button on a request type and saving, fixed issues when logged in as an admin
  • I1033 – Token Boxes – Can copy token box values to a csv list in the clipboard by double clicking on the token box and a copy icon appears
  • I1042 – Tooltips on Headers – Can now add tooltip option to headers, if a tooltip is present then display a help icon
  • I1099 – Home Pages – Can have more than one home page, can have a main master page as default page instead of new request page
  • I1113, 1120, 1125 – New date rules – Can now create rules for date controls on the Rules page, changed wording, fixed error after adding a date rule to a request, error message is now displayed when an invalid date is typed in

Minor Changes:

  • I890 – Replacing a custom drop-down list with a data source drop-down list caused error on grid
  • I920 –  Added an enable/disable rule option on Rules page
  • I999 – Time not correct when receiving an email from the application
  • I1003 – Radio button lists can now be used for Update Rules
  • I1004 – Certain menu items are now suppressed when a user doesn’t have the access to create requests
  • I1005 – Fixed error when clicking on Grid from certain pages
  • I1006 – Added a filter to drop-down lists
  • I1007 – Fixed bug when exporting a data store and values were shown in wrong fields
  • I1010 – Fixed error when adding grid value filters
  • I1011 – Fixed error when saving a new grid layout
  • I1013 – Grid filter drop-downs now slightly larger and minimise wrapping of text and icons
  • I1014 – Fixed error when with certain grid values not showing in grid filter
  • I1015 – Logic reworked for repeater controls, so a repeater can now contain no controls and there is the ability to hide the initial item in a repeater
  • I1017 – Fixed linked requests, bug when ticking “Only show linked requests” didn’t properly select
  • I1019 – Adjusted margins and spacing to footer
  • I1022 – Added save message to Manage Requestbox page
  • I1023, 1036 – On the grid page, the colour wraps to the status
  • I1030 – Added check boxes on the email tab when creating and editing status tabs
  • I1032 – Status button filter
  • I1035 – Grid tabs can now use different layouts
  • I1037 – Resizing the page now causes the menus, grids and controls to resize
  • I1039 – Custom drop-down with numbers added wasn’t showing on the grid
  • I1041 – Links can now be added to tooltips
  • I1043 – On upload control, text wasn’t wrapping
  • I1045 – Fixed bug where some title fields showed the display id rather than the actual value
  • I1048 – Email address added to user drop-down on the Users page, this will help when users have the same name
  • I1056 – Request type filter added on status diagrams
  • I1059 – Text was misaligned when creating or editing controls
  • I1061 – Tooltip length has been increased
  • I1062 – Fixed alignment of drop-downs on Users page
  • I1063 – Fixed bug with save message on Manage Pages
  • I1065 – Converting a field to a shared field was causing an error
  • I1069, 1071 – Action button filter changes
  • I1070, 1072 – Status diagram filter changes
  • I1073 – When creating a new user, automatically select the current instance
  • I1077 – Wasn’t possible to create a status when there were no other statuses
  • I1078 – Changing status change save message
  • I1079 – Status check box list on the status tab no longer wraps when there are scrollbars
  • I1080 – When editing an action button, prevent the popup from closing when clicking the background
  • I1081 – Made changes to Manage Requests page layout
  • I1083 – Fixed issue with date controls within repeater
  • I1084 – Save message on Shared Fields page edited to match the save messages on other pages
  • I1085 – Fixed refresh page message
  • I1086 – Save message on Status Buttons edited to match the save messages on other pages
  • I1087 – Fixed error when uploading a file
  • I1090 – Changes to Event Log
  • I1091 – Added link to Requestbox landing page on the footer
  • I1092 – Was unable to create an “Is required” rule on an upload control
  • I1094 – Grid tabs can have the same label wording
  • I1095 – Grid save message updated
  • I1097 – Save message on Create Page updated
  • I1098 – If you try and create a page with Home Page selected and there is already a Home Page the save message appears saying “Page saved” but this is not the standard message and the new page is not created
  • I1100 – Now able to link to part of a request
  • I1101 – Added an option to user drop-down lists to not include disabled users. If a disabled users has already been selected on a request then still show that user until the selection is changed
  • I1102 – An apostrophe (‘) is now allowed in the email field when creating a User
  • I1104 – Status wrapping on grid issue
  • I1107 – Unable to select tabs or drop-downs when managing statuses
  • I1108 – Number edit control was resizing to match the length of a validation message that appeared above it
  • I1109 – http redirects to
  • I1110 – New icon for landing page, default login and recover password pages
  • I1111 – Request history changes, stops users from seeing a list of users in the system
  • I1114 – Changed the default font for emails from Times New Roman to Open Sans
  • I1115 – The title filter drop down does not display all the titles in the grid
  • I1118 – Changing validation
  • I1119 – Fixed bug with access control on users
  • I1121 – Fixed performance with tab loading on the grid when there are no results
  • I1122 – Adjusted the subject line in new account emails
  • I1126 – After deleting cookies the first tab to the left gets selected
  • I1127 – Grid wasn’t using full page width when there was no sidebar

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