30%+ reduction in effort managing marketing requests


30pc croppedThere’s always something available designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re watching infomercials at 2am due to insomnia or discovering the revolutionary wonders displayed in a gadget shop, the idea of a faster and easier way is ever present in every part of our daily lives.

Perfect example; the coffee sitting on my desk right now could be seen as part of this hunger for speed and convenience, I didn’t grind the beans or make the coffee myself after all!

The desire for efficiency without extra effort can be incredibly useful in creating a better day-to-day life, whether it takes the form of dodging traffic by taking the backstreets on the way to work or making a huge saving by going to a price comparison website.

A leading branded example of taking digitalization into the future at an accelerated pace is Amazon. Amazon have deep learning and AI not only optimizing processes and workflows, but they are reported to be not far from predictive shopping! Yes predictive shopping!

Imagine being able to simply give your customers what they want before they even ask for it! (Yes, your sales team may well panic!)

However, before you go crazy and start laying off all the commission driven individuals that drive your profit at present, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Amazon have been at the bleeding edge of this technology for over a dozen years and I’m sure you can imagine the vast swathes of funding they have thrown at it.

Let’s drag this back a step or two into view and benefitting you. Examining a brief description of how digitizing your business workflows and processes can help you use digital tools to save hours of work, improve productivity and even contentment in the workplace as well as enhancing customer satisfaction and the ultimate goal of enhanced profit.

You could achieve all of this without changing your proven processes to fit a bit of off the shelf software that’s not an exact match to your business, BUT without paying through the nose for a bespoke programming.

Now you too can take full advantage of the power of programming, even if you have no experience or technical coding skill with computers. Requestbox will facilitate automation of your workflows and processes, capture form data and cascade tasks, provide an overview of all activities as well as generate bespoke reports and much, much more.

All with no need for coding or programming knowledge.

Requestbox is an amalgamation of software, programs, and online tools specifically focused, and constantly evolving, to help you create that easier path to do more in less time at work. Read that sentence again, it is really important.

Have you ever hit a snag while managing a campaign or project?

Maybe some details got missed. Someone didn’t attach the final approved copy or graphic. You had to work on something at the last minute due to an oversight. Like most in Marketing you have way too much on your plate. Last minute rush jobs can feel like a fire drill, rushed and disorganized.

What if you never had to feel that way again?

Imagine this: Everyone on your team knows exactly what to work on. They produce high-quality work and the best part, they hit every deadline.

And the manager’s role?

Leading with a simple, two-stage marketing task approval process:


Stage 1: You approve the assignment of a task.

Stage 2: You approve the completed task.


Boom. Job done. Celebration time!

Would you like to learn more about such a process: make an appointment to discuss your Requestbox (form with radial button for appointment calendar or (confirm details here to read more)

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